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A common ground between a player and the St. Gallen Casino
As in many other fields, conflicts between players and the gambling facility exist in case of misunderstanding. In the domain of casino games, it is also notice. Several legal proceedings of casino had been recorded, in every kind of games available in casino rooms such as poker, blackjack and even slot machines. According to some players, legal proceedings are merely the ways adopted to take their owing of that can sometimes reach some thousands of dollars to the casino game facility. But all players do not have the same thought as they believe to have reliable reasons to carry on a lawsuit.

In a proceeding that happened at St. Gallen Casino in Switzerland, the lawsuit ended with an agreement between the two parts. However, the content of the agreement has not been revealed to the public. The legal proceeding started when an Austrian player, aged 38, found that his gambling addiction was not protected by the room. He claimed therefore €1.6 million or about €2.0 million of compensation to the establishment. Anyone knows the continuation of the lawsuit but an entente seemed to be found. In any case, this kind of disagreement rarely happens between a player and online playing room offering free casino games.

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Friday, 02 May 2014
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