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A common ground between a player and the St. Gallen Casino
As in many other fields, conflicts between players and the gambling facility exist in case of misunderstanding. In the domain of casino games, it is also notice. Several legal proceedings of casino had been recorded, in every kind of games available in casino rooms such as poker, blackjack and even slot machines. According to some players, legal proceedings are merely the ways adopted to take their owing of that can sometimes reach some thousands of dollars to the casino game facility. But all players do not have the same thought as they believe to have reliable reasons to carry on a lawsuit.

In a proceeding that happened at St. Gallen Casino in Switzerland, the lawsuit ended with an agreement between the two parts. However, the content of the agreement has not been revealed to the public. The legal proceeding started when an Austrian player, aged 38, found that his gambling addiction was not protected by the room. He claimed therefore €1.6 million or about €2.0 million of compensation to the establishment. Anyone knows the continuation of the lawsuit but an entente seemed to be found. In any case, this kind of disagreement rarely happens between a player and online playing room offering free casino games.
Friday, 02 May 2014
The benefits to train on free slots
Slot machines are among the most attractive casino games thanks to their simplicity. To win the jackpot, players just need to align the same symbols. However, mastering the rules of this game is important if you want to have more chances to win money. That is why it is recommended to practice on free slots. It is an opportunity to get more experience in the game and evaluate the entire benefits offer to you without the risk of losing money. Many online casinos offer free games to players and slots bonus casino. To experimenter their service, just a simple registration is required. It is an easy and quick procedure because players just need to provide some personal information used by the operator to ensure that they are adults.

Once the registration complete, it is possible for the player to test all the free casino bets of their choice with or without downloading. After these free sessions, they can get into the game to have the chance to win real money. The possibility they have to gain the jackpot is optimal because generally, there are various slot machines with different features in a professional online casino. These games can even embark progressive jackpots and increase your opportunity to win more.
Friday, 02 May 2014