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Tour of France 2013: German riders in force
This 100th edition of the « Grande Boucle » is marked by the presence of a new generation of German racing cyclists. Bets in the websites of sport betting have increased tenfold, thanks to the presence of racing cyclists like them. They came in France and up to now, they won or almost, in each of their specialty. The most known is Marcel Kittel, winner of three sprints. As for Tony Martin, he is the best cyclist of the pack.
And the analysis of Mark Cavendish, who takes part actively in this race, consolidates the idea of everyone. The best sprinter of these last five years is convinced that German are currently confident and in force. Marcel Kittel would be the future star of sprint. For his part, Tony Martin's supremacy in the race against the clock is undisputed. He took the place of the Swiss Cancellara. Kittel is happy and his successes on this « Tour de France 2013 » will have effects on the German opinion. The latter is tired, even disgusted after the ceaseless scandals which soiled the professional cycling. The supporters also are happy and bet much on the websites of online betting.

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013
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